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Star Trek Vulcan Tapestry quilt

Star Trek – Klingon Quilt

I finished another Star Trek Klingon quilt. I am sending this to a friend.

Star Trek Quilt – S. Hensley

Star Trek Quilt – Ashley

I finished the lap quilt for my niece Ashley. This is her high school graduation gift from me. It turned out lovely, inspite of the boo boo, I didnt notice until it was too late. Oh well, a little creative design work. LOL

Star Trek Quilt – Zane B.

Star Trek quilt -Zane

Star Trek quilt – Home

Star Trek Chateau Picard wall quilt

I finished making my Star Trek Picard wall quilt. It turned out lovely.

Star Trek Chateau Picard Quilt

I am making excellent progress on my Chateau Picard Star Trek quilt. The applique is finished. I amm currently hand quilting. I probably have about 2 weeks of hand quilting left to accomplish. I plan to hang this in my game room on the wall behind the couch. Stay tuned for updates.

Chateau Picard Star Trek Quilt

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