USS Callister quilt top

This is the uSS callister quilt top.

Space 1999 Alpha Moonbase quilt

Lost in Space quilt

This is my “Lost in Space Quilt.” I designed it myself and painstakingly hand-quilted every stitch. I finished my Lost in Space quilt. This is handquilted and has lots and lots of reverse applique

Neapolitan Quilt- Zoe

Star Trek Baby quilt

I made this baby quilt for my coworker a few months back.

Star Trek Twin Baby Quilt

I made these twin baby quilts for a friend.

Star Trek Deep Space 9 Cardassian Quilt

I finished another quilt.

The Random leftover block quilt

Stargate Universe Quilt

Stargate Universe Quilt

Stargate Universe quilt
Stargate Universe Quilt

The Orville New Horizons Moclan quilt 1