Star Trek Quilt list of recipients

Welcome to my quilt list. I make quilts and then give them as gifts, no strings attached. Doesn’t cost you a penny.  The wait could be years. All I ask in return is that once you receive the quilt from me you send me a selfie of yourself with the quilt.


I reserve the right to add anyone, anywhere on the list at any time. Babies will always be put at the top of the list.

Alan Forbes – done x 3
Ethan Loftis- done
Rachel Loftis- done
Ronnie Page- done x 2
Anne Marie Bryant – done
Eryn Lewis- done
Sarah Young-done
Thea Bryant – done
Kate Meacom – done
Paula Young – done
Chelsie Tapscott- done
Verna Bryant- done
Heather Loftis- done
Katherine Collier – done
Stephanie Loftis- done
Nathan Fehr -done
Annette Williford –done
Morgan Loftis- done
Teresa Rakes- done
Ryan Sumonka- done
Sassy Dickerson- done
Hannah Grace- done
Hayden James- done
Avery Harrison – done
Brian Viseur- done
Jon Kurz- done
Nicholas Walker- done
Paul Tarricone- done
Archie Bryant- done
Justin Fields- done
Karah Finch – done
Alan Lane -done
Jeffrey Morris- done
Verna Bryant – done
Kendall strumpf- done x 2
Kayla LaFrance -done
Zane Brumley -done
Ashley Halloway -done
Ashley Britt – done
Sara Beth Hensley – done x2
Jen Usellis- done
Saj – done
Chris Bryant -done
Sheena Reynolds-done
Ben Havlik – done
Tom Amidon -done
Carlos and Melissa Morrell-done
Rebecca Felts-done
Alvin Collins-urbanex

Seth Walker (Trek Verses)
Jim Hodges
Richard Davis