Journal Entry 33

I’m having one of those moments of thought when you wonder how you got where you are today. I don’t know the past history of everyone that lives in bear Country. We all have a past that we wish we could have back or one that we wished we could forget. I want mine back. I want the life I had before. I want my parents to help make my decisions. I want to look forward to going to college. What college? There aren’t any colleges anymore. Oh Geez! This is a depressing mood. Ick!! I need to get out of this slump. Ok, what can I do to make myself cheerful. I have an idea. I will go and interrupt the make-out session that Matt and Hemy are having down the hall….and grab Tony and make them play spades with me.


Journal Entry 32

Preparations for the festival continue. The back field of Bear Country is a live with activity as the different gangs put up their booths. I am thinking that this years festival is going to be great especially after everything that has happened recently.

Hemy dropped by today to see Matt and she brought back the fuel that was stolen from us by the Hulk. She said she was trying to return everything that the Hulk and his goons stole from the other gangs. I tried to tell her that she doesn’t need to make amends for what the Hulk did. She said she did.

I invited Central to the festival. There isn’t a reason why they shouldn’t be able to attend. It is a little late to prepare a Central booth so I told Hemy to just make sure everyone who wants to enjoy the festivities comes to the party.


Journal Entry 31

Madie :Today we gather together to celebrate life. We join together to welcome a new member to our tribe. It is a tradition in Bear Country to hold a naming ceremony when a new member finds there way here because of a birth or because of a desire to join this community. Casey a member in good standing in bear country would like to present her daughter to our tribe.

Madie: Casey what name have you decided to give this child?

Casey: My darling daughter, I name you Aleece after my mother.

Madie: Aleece welcome to Bear Country. May your life be long and happy. Now everyone present here today would like to give a special blessing to you.

At that moment is when Casey blurted out the name Xavier. I swung around and there he was. How exactly he got in without being noticed was a surprise to everyone. He was dressed differently but he was standing right there . Pete and his deputies surrounded him quickly with weapons drawn. He didn’t put up a fight. In fact, he just raised his hands in the air.

Casey apologized to everyone present. She said she had to invite him. The Hulk(Xavier) asked to step closer to his daughter. He kissed her on the forehead. “She’s beautiful, raise her well.” he said to Casey.

The Hulk looked at me and said he was alone. I felt a little better.

I apologized to Casey. I told her he couldn’t stay. I told Xavier that he had to leave. He wasn’t welcome here.

Xavier(the Hulk) kissed his daughter one more time then Pete and his deputies escorted him out.

The ceremony continued with the rest of the blessings. Lisa sang, the library trio read poetry and we partied. Life is Bear country was happy again. At least, for the moment.

Journal Entry 30

The tribal leaders and a majority of the town gathered along the streets. Everyone cheered as Pete and his deputies escorted the former Central leader out of town. It was a long walk to the edge of town. The hulk and his goons whined the whole way. It was “the ropes on my wrist are too tight.”” I need a drink of water.” Then they started to get nasty by making threats. Tony and the other deputies were getting irritated. You could see in there eyes that they wanted to bop each and everyone of them around the head, neck and shoulders with a good strong club. I was impressed with their restraint.

At the edge of town Pete and his deputies released the hulks restraints. Hemy asked to speak to the Hulk alone. She wanted to say something important to her former tribe leader. I don’t know what was said. Their little meeting lasted only a moment and then the Hulk and his goons continued down the road.

The walk back was quieter. I hope we did the right thing. I think we did.


Journal Entry 29

The gang leaders gathered one more time. This time to decide the fate of the Hulk and his goons. It was decided that the jail was not a good place. It is a good location for people if they only need to be held a day or two but not for a long stay. It would require the inmates be taken care of on a daily basis. No one wants to take responsibility to watch after them and to feed them. The Hulk and his goons would be taken to the edge of town and told never to return. This is the best solution we could come up with. We can only hope that they changed their ways and don’t victimize anyone else.


Journal Entry 28

Time stopped for a moment as the hulk and I stared at each other. I’m not sure where the fight began in the gym or who exactly started the chaos but suddenly it was weapons clashing and people yelling battle cries. Matt did an excellent job of organizing the resistance from the inside. The uprising against the Hulk was impressive. The fight actually didn’t last that long.I don’t know what I was expecting but things ended with the Hulk and all of his goons captured or dead. People don’t look as frightening when they are tied in ropes. The ropes don’t always help their personalities. The hulk didn’t accept defeat very honorably. Injuries on our side ranged from minor to serious but no one was killed. The hulk and his remaining goons were jailed. The tribal leaders will decide what to do with them later.

Everyone that was held as a slave were released including Scat. It was one of those tearful joyful reunions that you see in old movies. Tony made sure that everyone that was held captive was taken care of and returned home to their tribes. For someone who is mostly a loner and has a tough exterior Tony is very paternal.

I delivered the note to Hemy from Casey. I told her it was a message for someone named Xavier and that it was important that he get the note. She acted a little surprised as if I had mentioned a ghost. “I’ll give it to him.” she said. The whole thing was a little odd. Not unlike this whole day actually. Hemy was to be the new leader of the Central Bobcats. although she said there would be an election to make the whole thing legitimate. I wished her luck and offered our assistance if she needed any help getting things back to normal. She said life was going to be a little bit of a challenge but that she thought the people living at Central could handle it.

The tribes all dispersed and went home. I said my goodbyes and left Hemy and Matt. He said he was going to hang around to help clean up. I personally think he has a crush on the new Central tribe leader.


Journal Entry 27

I have been sitting for a long time trying to decide how to start this entry. This is going to be one of my longer entries. There is so much to tell. Everyone that was going to participate in the take over at the central campus gathered in the admin hallway. No one said anything at first. We just stood there looking at each other. Casey asked me to deliver a note to a friend she once new at the Central campus. I said I would do my best to deliver the note. With everyone gathered I gave everyone one more chance to back out.

The walk to central was a quiet one, a few people chatted back and forth trying to keep the mood a little less serious. I was so nervous and afraid but I tried to look confident. I didn’t want the others to know that I was scared.

HulkI don’t know if the Hulk was expecting quest but he didn’t look surprised when we entered the gym. He had a sort of welcome to the festivities grin on his face. It was a little unnerving. There was a sharp pain in the pit of my stomach as I announce to the hulk that we were demanding that he leave central and the local area with his goons. The room went silent. I felt as if I was beet red in the face. The hulk stood up from his chair. He was still wearing that grin. He said something sarcastic like “I’m sorry, have we met?” Trying to sound confident I told him who I was. He said, “I know who you are what I want to know really is who you think you are? Look little lady I’m going to pretend that you and your friends here haven’t disturbed my festivities. Just turn around and walk away and I won’t have my goons beat you to a pulp. ” I took a deep breath and said “We’re not leaving but you and your goons can leave quietly or with a fight.” The hulk and his goons began to laugh. “You are no challenge for my goons, you don’t have a chance.” Now I was irritated. “I didn’t come alone, I brought a bunch of friends with me.” The gym filled with tribe members from around the community.

Journal Entry 26

Its early and I have butterflies in my stomach. I want today to go well. All the gangs have designated places to be around the central campus. Our attack will occur soon after the start of the wrestling tournament. The gang leaders have agreed that we will only use the force necessary to get the Hulk and his goons to leave Central. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the violence doesn’t escalate into something ugly. I don’t want to see anyone seriously injured, especially those that are on our side.


Journal Entry 25

mattMatt sent word that he has received our plans. He had a few suggestions that might make the take-over a little easier. The Hulk has scheduled a wrestling match for tomorrow morning. The Hulk and most of his goons will be present in the gym for the event. Having everyone at the central campus in the same location of the school will make our attack easier. The final preparations will be made this evening amongst the tribal leaders. Matt has made allies inside the central campus among several of the current residence that do not like the hulk’s style of leadership. This is good news and will make this conflict a little easier. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and that any injuries acquired will be minor.


Journal Entry 23

Pete and Tony retrieved another note from Matt.


It seems not everyone is happy with the way the Hulk runs the Central Campus. I got in an argument this morning with some sad soul trying to take my breakfast. I usually try to walk away from conflict but this guy wasn’t going to give up. I think he was trying to prove to his pals that he was big and tough. He swung first and I ducked. I swung next and before I knew what was happening we were in a knock down drag out fight. I won. yeah! My brother would have been proud. I made some friends this morning. One in particular, a girl named Hemy. She said that there are people at Central that do not like the way things are run around here. The hulk and his inner circle have most of the people who live here afraid. Food and a place to sleep seems to be the strongest reasons why people stay. Others stay because they enjoy the wrestling tournaments and that way of life. This place reminds me of the stories I heard when I was young about the gladiators. People are forced to fight as the hulk and his goons watch. I have counted 10 goons. If we could get the Hulk out of power and get rid of his goons I think this place would turn back to normal.