Hello Friends

I hope this note finds you well. Leave me a comment. For all who are wondering. My social media names are as follows
Msloftis (twitter)
MsLoftis (Imgur)
Msloftis (Reddit)
MsLoftis (Instagram)
MsLoftis (TikTok)
Quilt-Giving (Tumblr)

2 thoughts on “Hello Friends”

  1. Hi Marsha, a blast from the past. This is Carmen Kolz, your NCOIC in L&D! I was surfing names and found you. I love your work and hope life has been great for you and Kenny.

    1. OMG! , It is good to hear from you. Ken and I were married for 35 years and had 5 children. Sadly, we divorced a few months back.

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