Journal Entry 25

Journal 25

Tony and I said goodbye to Xu, Palesa and the rest of the Sequoia gang. I cried. I tried not to but I did. They are all good people. I am going to miss them tremendously. I hope they can find a home without having to travel too far. The journey will be difficult for Palesa and the other pregnant girls. I imagine traveling with the small children already in tow will also be a challenge. Palesa made Tony and me necklaces so that we will always remember our time spent with the Sequoia. I wish I had thought to do something similar. I had nothing to give Palesa in return.

Tony and I have been walking towards home most of the morning. We have to stop often and rest. Tony is not feeling well. He has an upset stomach and the runs. He is off in the woods taking care of business. I am currently resting beneath a tree waiting for Tony’s return. I have a feeling I am getting a touch of whatever Tony has. My stomach has recently started to feel icky and bloated with gas. The sky is an awful shade of gray. I wonder if whatever we are breathing in from the air is causing Tony’s difficulties. Depending on how far we travel each day our journey back to Bear Country shouldn’t take that long. I kind of wish we had a truck to travel in. I wish I had a roll of toilet paper.


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