Journal Entry 21

Journal 21

We barely avoided a disaster early this morning. A meteor fell within about 50 yards of the cave and started a fire. We were lucky the wind was blowing away from the cave and not towards it. We stop the fire before it climbed any of the bigger trees. Fires are everywhere. The air smells like smoke. I think we will be fine as long as the wind doesn’t change directions.

I hate this cave. It is dirty and smells. There is bat poop everywhere. I have never seen so many bugs in one place. I tried to clean a place for Tony and I to sleep but the bugs keep invading our space. I had a horrible time trying to sleep last night. I woke up several times with bugs crawling over my face. I don’t even want to think about the ones crawling over the other parts of me.

I think the worst of the meteor shower is over. I haven’t heard anything big hit the ground in hours. We see the occasional meteor crossing the sky. They are getting smaller. Xu and Palesa are not ready to let us go back to the village. I understand their concern but I hate these bugs.


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