Journal Entry 14

Journal 14

Sometimes the days you are expecting to be long and boring turn out to be something else entirely. I spent the day keeping the smaller children occupied. I didn’t want this particular chore but Palesa said it was my turn. I asked if I could change chores with someone else. I was willing to gather wood. I was even willing to get rid of the garbage. Palesa smiled at me and said “No”.

Therefore, I spent the day with the little ones. At first I had no clue what to do to keep them occupied. I tried just letting them play but they kept arguing with each other over the littlest things. I tried making up stories off the top of my head but my brain wasn’t working so well. The stories were boring and putting me to sleep. The children were bored as well. I couldn’t keep their attention. Suddenly an idea hit me in the head, actually, it was a pinecone thrown by one of the children.

I introduced my little friends to the pinecone people. Before it was mid-morning, we had an entire village outlined in the dirt with rocks and populated with pinecone citizens of every shape and size. Our city continued to grow thru out the day. By mid afternoon, we had help from several of the older children and most of the gang seniors.

Am I good or what?


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