Journal Entry 31

Madie :Today we gather together to celebrate life. We join together to welcome a new member to our tribe. It is a tradition in Bear Country to hold a naming ceremony when a new member finds there way here because of a birth or because of a desire to join this community. Casey a member in good standing in bear country would like to present her daughter to our tribe.

Madie: Casey what name have you decided to give this child?

Casey: My darling daughter, I name you Aleece after my mother.

Madie: Aleece welcome to Bear Country. May your life be long and happy. Now everyone present here today would like to give a special blessing to you.

At that moment is when Casey blurted out the name Xavier. I swung around and there he was. How exactly he got in without being noticed was a surprise to everyone. He was dressed differently but he was standing right there . Pete and his deputies surrounded him quickly with weapons drawn. He didn’t put up a fight. In fact, he just raised his hands in the air.

Casey apologized to everyone present. She said she had to invite him. The Hulk(Xavier) asked to step closer to his daughter. He kissed her on the forehead. “She’s beautiful, raise her well.” he said to Casey.

The Hulk looked at me and said he was alone. I felt a little better.

I apologized to Casey. I told her he couldn’t stay. I told Xavier that he had to leave. He wasn’t welcome here.

Xavier(the Hulk) kissed his daughter one more time then Pete and his deputies escorted him out.

The ceremony continued with the rest of the blessings. Lisa sang, the library trio read poetry and we partied. Life is Bear country was happy again. At least, for the moment.

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