Journal Entry 30

The tribal leaders and a majority of the town gathered along the streets. Everyone cheered as Pete and his deputies escorted the former Central leader out of town. It was a long walk to the edge of town. The hulk and his goons whined the whole way. It was “the ropes on my wrist are too tight.”” I need a drink of water.” Then they started to get nasty by making threats. Tony and the other deputies were getting irritated. You could see in there eyes that they wanted to bop each and everyone of them around the head, neck and shoulders with a good strong club. I was impressed with their restraint.

At the edge of town Pete and his deputies released the hulks restraints. Hemy asked to speak to the Hulk alone. She wanted to say something important to her former tribe leader. I don’t know what was said. Their little meeting lasted only a moment and then the Hulk and his goons continued down the road.

The walk back was quieter. I hope we did the right thing. I think we did.


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