Journal Entry 28

Time stopped for a moment as the hulk and I stared at each other. I’m not sure where the fight began in the gym or who exactly started the chaos but suddenly it was weapons clashing and people yelling battle cries. Matt did an excellent job of organizing the resistance from the inside. The uprising against the Hulk was impressive. The fight actually didn’t last that long.I don’t know what I was expecting but things ended with the Hulk and all of his goons captured or dead. People don’t look as frightening when they are tied in ropes. The ropes don’t always help their personalities. The hulk didn’t accept defeat very honorably. Injuries on our side ranged from minor to serious but no one was killed. The hulk and his remaining goons were jailed. The tribal leaders will decide what to do with them later.

Everyone that was held as a slave were released including Scat. It was one of those tearful joyful reunions that you see in old movies. Tony made sure that everyone that was held captive was taken care of and returned home to their tribes. For someone who is mostly a loner and has a tough exterior Tony is very paternal.

I delivered the note to Hemy from Casey. I told her it was a message for someone named Xavier and that it was important that he get the note. She acted a little surprised as if I had mentioned a ghost. “I’ll give it to him.” she said. The whole thing was a little odd. Not unlike this whole day actually. Hemy was to be the new leader of the Central Bobcats. although she said there would be an election to make the whole thing legitimate. I wished her luck and offered our assistance if she needed any help getting things back to normal. She said life was going to be a little bit of a challenge but that she thought the people living at Central could handle it.

The tribes all dispersed and went home. I said my goodbyes and left Hemy and Matt. He said he was going to hang around to help clean up. I personally think he has a crush on the new Central tribe leader.


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