Journal Entry 27

I have been sitting for a long time trying to decide how to start this entry. This is going to be one of my longer entries. There is so much to tell. Everyone that was going to participate in the take over at the central campus gathered in the admin hallway. No one said anything at first. We just stood there looking at each other. Casey asked me to deliver a note to a friend she once new at the Central campus. I said I would do my best to deliver the note. With everyone gathered I gave everyone one more chance to back out.

The walk to central was a quiet one, a few people chatted back and forth trying to keep the mood a little less serious. I was so nervous and afraid but I tried to look confident. I didn’t want the others to know that I was scared.

HulkI don’t know if the Hulk was expecting quest but he didn’t look surprised when we entered the gym. He had a sort of welcome to the festivities grin on his face. It was a little unnerving. There was a sharp pain in the pit of my stomach as I announce to the hulk that we were demanding that he leave central and the local area with his goons. The room went silent. I felt as if I was beet red in the face. The hulk stood up from his chair. He was still wearing that grin. He said something sarcastic like “I’m sorry, have we met?” Trying to sound confident I told him who I was. He said, “I know who you are what I want to know really is who you think you are? Look little lady I’m going to pretend that you and your friends here haven’t disturbed my festivities. Just turn around and walk away and I won’t have my goons beat you to a pulp. ” I took a deep breath and said “We’re not leaving but you and your goons can leave quietly or with a fight.” The hulk and his goons began to laugh. “You are no challenge for my goons, you don’t have a chance.” Now I was irritated. “I didn’t come alone, I brought a bunch of friends with me.” The gym filled with tribe members from around the community.

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