Journal Entry 23

Pete and Tony retrieved another note from Matt.


It seems not everyone is happy with the way the Hulk runs the Central Campus. I got in an argument this morning with some sad soul trying to take my breakfast. I usually try to walk away from conflict but this guy wasn’t going to give up. I think he was trying to prove to his pals that he was big and tough. He swung first and I ducked. I swung next and before I knew what was happening we were in a knock down drag out fight. I won. yeah! My brother would have been proud. I made some friends this morning. One in particular, a girl named Hemy. She said that there are people at Central that do not like the way things are run around here. The hulk and his inner circle have most of the people who live here afraid. Food and a place to sleep seems to be the strongest reasons why people stay. Others stay because they enjoy the wrestling tournaments and that way of life. This place reminds me of the stories I heard when I was young about the gladiators. People are forced to fight as the hulk and his goons watch. I have counted 10 goons. If we could get the Hulk out of power and get rid of his goons I think this place would turn back to normal.


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