Journal Entry 22

I am having trouble sleeping. I seem to constantly worry about everything. Last night was horrible, I couldn’t shut my mind off from thinking about the day. I don’t like that Matt is inside the Central campus. I don’t want him taking any unnecessary chances. I am sure he will only do what is necessary but I still worry about him. Tony is feeling a little happier. He is anxious about Scat. It was difficult to convince him that he can’t just run over to the Central campus and get Scat back. We have a workable plan to get all the missing boys back. I think he understands that if he ran over there and tried to take Scat back right now the other missing boys could be in trouble. One step at a time. We will get our friends back. Pete is currently training his deputies. I think he is enjoying his new role as Sheriff. He walks differently, taller I think.


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