Journal Entry 15

JonasCentral continues to cause trouble. I went to the Plaza today with Matt and Jonas. The streets are crazy. People are missing. No proof but the word is that the Central Bobcats are behind the disappearances. I knew central was recruiting older males, large males of substantial build but the missing are young boys. Apparently, four young boys have disappeared in four days. Took Matt and Jonas and collected a few community leaders and went over to the central campus. We were hoping that the Hulk(as we endearingly call him) might be able to help us out. Let us know where the mattboys are. His goons wouldn’t let us thru the front door. Apparently, the Hulk is busy with Central Bobcat business and can’t be disturbed. We tried to force our way in but the goons guarding the entrance had lethal weapons we weren’t prepared to deal with at that moment in time. We left a message. This whole thing with Central is getting on my nerves.

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