Journal Entry 9

I forgot to take my journal with me yesterday. I went for a walk ,a long walk. Went by my old home and someone was living there. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It has a very homey feel. I wanted to run up to the people living there and say “get out this is my home.” I didn’t, I just stood there. I stood there for a long time until my stomach said It was time to eat. I said goodbye to my home and went looking for food.
Update, Tony is getting better. He is still sore and bruised but he isn’t dead. This is a good thing because without him Bear country just wouldn’t be the same. As for Scat, he is still missing. I am beginning to think we will never see him again. It has been days and he is so little.


Madie had not been to her old neighborhood in years. It felt odd to be back. Most of the houses were broken beyond repair but not hers. She stood hidden behind a pile of trash across the street watching the new owners of her childhood home go about their day. Had they changed things? Were her dad’s tools still in the shed? Was her mom’s sewing machine still in the corner in the kitchen? Did her parent’s bodies still lie beneath the blue tarp in the back yard? Oh how she wished she could run up to her old room and fall upon the bed.

After Madie’s parents died, the gang activity in the neighborhood increased a hundred fold. At night, she hid beneath her blankets and prayed the monsters on the street wouldn’t discover she existed. Most of the homes in the neighborhood were vacant, abandoned by their owners fleeing the pandemic. In an attempt to eat, Madie broke into homes. The scraps left behind in the kitchens eased her hunger pains. Life was treacherous; she had to be careful because people fought and killed for a single stale potato chip.

Street gangs picked clean the houses in a matter of weeks. The need to eat forced Madie to extend her search territory. By then the Red Hyena gang had established dominance in the area. Traveling alone was extremely dangerous. Most people traveled in the company of friends or fellow gang members. Madie had neither.

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