Sealy stood on the steps of Loftis Hall, her home for the last four years and looked out over the campus grounds. It was time to leave. Graduation was over and awards given out. Tomorrow she would catch a flight to California to start a prestigious internship. An internship coveted by her one and only friend Meghan.

The girls met at freshman orientation. They had nothing in common except for a determination to better themselves with high paying careers after college. Smart and beautiful Meghan needed a roommate that wouldn’t care about closet space. Smart but plain in comparison; Sealy needed a roommate that didn’t mind school books scattered on the floor and her late night studying.

For four years, the young men of Preston followed Meghan and her cleavage around campus like hungry puppies. The colorfully displayed ample bosom was an ingenious plan to keep half the student body from focusing on their studies.

Sealy focused on her professors. She did everything she could do academically to get their attention and they noticed. This ultimately paid off in the end. Highest honors went to Sealy not because her grades were better that Meghan’s but because the Preston College Professors found Sealy to be a more focused and grounded person.

With exception of last year’s tragedy when her parents died in an automobile accident over spring break everything was coming together as planned. Financial security was a mere year around the corner; the internship the last stepping stone.

“Sealy! Quit daydreaming.” Meghan shouted from the bottom of the steps “We’re going to be late to the graduation party!”

“I’m coming” Sealy yelled as she tried to maneuver her way down the mountain of steps without falling to her doom.

The short colorful dress, the high heeled shoes were Meghan’s idea. Sealy would have preferred a more casual simple dress and black flats. But her best friend insisted it would not be a proper graduation party if she didn’t let their hair down and enjoy the moment with flair and style. Life was fleeting, it was time to look like an educated woman on the prowl and have fun.

With the last step traversed without injury Sealy stepped into the street toward her best friend and the waiting taxi cab.

Sealy hadn’t noticed the parked police car or the two officers walking with vigor in her direction. She focused on checking the length of her dress and the sudden regret of letting Meghan choose her outfit, if she bent over even a few degrees from straight up and down the whole world would see the lace panties beneath.

“You look fine. Get in!” Meghan laughed as she scooted over to give Sealy ample room on the back seat.

“Ms. Ghent?” Sealy turned toward the unfamiliar voice and the big burly police officer attached to it.

“Can I help you, officer?” Sealy asked innocently as she looked at her giggling friend hiding in the cab. If Meghan was pulling a joke, she was going to die a long and painful death.

“Are you Ms. Sealy Ghent?” The officer had Sealy’s graduation picture and was comparing Sealy to the picture. Sealy rolled her eyes at the two officers “How can I help you?”

“Ma’am you need to come with us.” The officer grabbed Sealy firmly by the arm and gave her a tug away from the cab causing her to stumble.

“Hey, that’s not nice and you are hurting my arm.”

The joke had gone too far. “Meghan!” Sealy said sternly as she tried to free her arm from the death grip of the officer, “Tell your friends to quit. I am not amused wit this little joke of yours. This heathen caused me to twist my ankle.”

Meghan looked out from the cab, her hands raised in denial. “This is not me. I didn’t do this.”

The two girls stared at each other as the realization hit Sealy something was terribly wrong. “I haven’t done anything!” She looked back and forth at both officers and then at her friend. “What? I do?”

“Ma’am you need to calm down.” replied the shorter of the two police officers. “Everything will be explained down at the station.”

Meghan smiled as she tapped the glass separating herself from the taxi driver. “You can take me to that party now….tomorrow I’m off to California.”

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